The Guido Dossche 'Vulnerabel' Interview - June 2005

Hi Guido, I believe your new album 'Vulnerabel' is due for release soon?

Hi Pete, yes indeed. It´s going to be released on the 4th of July...

Having heard a preview of the vulnerabel album, I take it that this is a concept album about a mother and son relationship, with more than a hint of paranoia and 'madness' involved? Can you confirm this, or correct me if I'm wrong?

It´s really conceptual, but to tell you the truth, by coincidence. It wasn't planned... it just happened. The song 'Innocence And Guilt' always meant a lot to me, a grown up son hidden by his mother cause she won´t let him go because she´s afraid to lose him. She wants to keep him for herself... I also saw a very good, but ugly, film on that theme, called 'bad boy bubby', which deals with the oedipus complex and incest... and I am familiar to stuff like this... therefore I had to do songs which tell those stories, no matter if these are my own lyrics or those of Steve or Falco.

Your sound appears to be evolving with every new album, with each release being distinctively different to the last. Is this because you don't want your sound to be cast in a mould? Or is it that you have so much to explore and achieve through your music that you can't stay too long in the one place?

I change my flat all the time. I don´t live in a place for longer than two or three years. I'm always always moving. I change everything quite often... I hate it if every day is like the day before... I need development... I travel a lot and I always do at least two things simultaneously. For me certain moods need different "clothes"... and therefore the style of my music changes too. This time I felt quite good without heavy guitars, more focusing on the voice and the stories... the next album might be recorded with a band, with acoustic instruments without programming. I'm already working on new material...

Although for most part sounding dark and 'sinister', the album also has songs with light catchy 'upbeat' sections that hook the listener. I have certainly been tapping my foot, and feeling the urge to move to the beat, on most of the tracks. Is this a deliberate ploy to make this album more appealing to the general pop market?

Yes. I need to sell records and not only to fulfill my own thoughts of creativity. Therefore I need a single which is going to be played on the radio and in clubs. People should be able to sing along or tap their foot, or even dance to at least to one song. This way you get more airplay and more publicity, and if it´s a hit you can play big venues and you know....

There are certainly enough hooks here to suggest a couple of singles? 'mutter, der mann mit dem koks ist da' certainly sounds like a hit!

This song is from 1923 or so... it was covered by Falco in 1996, two years before he sadly died. I always loved the song although it was not a big hit, but I think it could be. It deals with coke and charcoal, I guess. Both materials are called "koks" in Germany... and the hook means:

mother, the man with the coke is here
yes my son I know it dear
I don´t have cash
and you don´t have cash,
who did order the man with the coke?

It´s funny...


Steve Harley features quite heavily on this release, with his vocal contribution on 'Ich Bin Gott', your quite wonderful cover of his 'Innocence and Guilt' and not forgetting the wonderful video of 'Ich Bin Gott'. There are also lots of pictures of you, Steve and other contributors in the studio in the cd's artwork too.

The video is quite excellent, It's very 'indie' and very watchable. Tell us a little about it's making?

Most of the footage was shot in the studio when we recorded 'Ich Bin Gott' with Steve in Cologne. When putting it together for a release, I thought it was too documentary like. Therefore some scenes were added, developed by the editor Henning Oppermann, who mixed this material with the stuff Manfred Esser had filmed during the recording. So it became a colourful trip and quite pathetic... I like it a lot and so does Steve.

Although you don't have to sell this album to me (I'm hooked) give me three reasons why people reading this should make the effort to buy your album?

Oh... I think the album has a good atmosphere... and if you get the meaning of the lyrics, it´s dark and sad and introspective, but never boring... and, of course to complete your video collection of SH!

Guido Dossche, I would like to thank you for your time, and may I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your wonderfully imaginative and quite brilliant new album. I wish you every success with its release.

Thank you very much, Pete. I really like your website and I think you do a good job. I like the humour of you English people, you treat each other sometimes cruel, but don´t hurt the others. I love the sheeps on your board and all those sarcastic comments.

I'm already looking forward to visiting Manchester and London this year to see Steve. In London I will stay at the Bayswater as usual, and will visit my favourite pub... and a burger restaurant near Covent Garden. Steve told me that I have to sample their burgers.


The excellent 'Vulnerable' album, which includes the dossche/Harley video of ich bin gott, is being released on the 4th of July, and it can be pre ordered via this link For those of you who wish to pre order the album, be warned that you will need to navigate the site in German. The layout is the same as the UK version, so navigation is not as hard as you may think!

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